Getting that perfect gift for your loved one who is passionate about gardening can sometimes prove difficult. From the gardening savvy to the family member whose plants seem to not last long – we’ve got you covered.

[Image: Oliver Bonas]


Green & Gold Metal Floral Etched Watering Can

This lovely gold watering can from Oliver Bonas is as practical as it is pretty. With a beautiful green handle and intricate etched floral design, this is perfect for the houseplant enthusiast and greenhouse gardener.


Price: £34.50

Available from Oliver Bonas.


[Image: Paper High]


Personalised Buffalo Leather Tool Belt

If you’re looking for a personalised gift, look no further. This sturdy and fashionable leather belt by Paper High is perfect for keeping tools handy. Made from buffalo leather in India and finished with natural oils. This is a gardening gift with a personality that gets more pronounced with age.


Price: £64.95

Buy from Paper High.


[Image: Hoxton Mini Press. Photography by Marco Kesseler.]


The Urban Forager: Find and Cook Wild Food in the City by Wross Lawrence


Get into nature and out of the supermarket. For those who want to forage for their food, this book is perfect. Wross Lawrence a professional forager shows you how to forage for food in the bustling city and create mouthwatering dishes!


Price: £12.95

Buy from Hoxton Mini Press.




Secateurs from Willow Crossley


Let your loved one prune their wisteria in style this winter, with these Japanese secateurs from Willow Crossley. These bright and colourful secateurs are both comfortable and stylish. Their blades are sharp Teflon coated carbon steel so they can easily take on most pruning jobs. 


Price: £42

Available to buy at



[Image: The Gluttonous Gardener]


Gin Gardening Gift Crate

If your loved one loves gin and gardening, this gift perfectly marries their two favourite hobbies. This growing gift kit offers everything they need to make an outstanding G & T. Including an evergreen juniper bush, Angelia and Coriander seeds. Complete care and cultivation guidance has been given so that they can simply grow, harvest and sip on their own special flavoured botanical gin.


Price: £44

Buy from The Gluttonous Gardener.


[Image: Mind The Cork]

Isla Aegean cork planter


This sustainable, handcrafted cork planter is a fun gift for your eco-friendly gardener. For those who are guilty of giving their plants a little too much love and overwatering them, this planter is perfect. Cork is naturally absorbent, making this planter is the best solution for overwatering as it extracts excess moisture.


Price: £32

Buy from Mind The Cork.




The Wild Journal: A Year of Nurturing Yourself Through Nature

In this beautifully illustrated guide, Willow Crossley shares her tips for bringing nature into your lives.  Harnessing its healing forces, an important gift for that member of the family who loves to be outside.


Price: £ 10.99 

Buy from


[Image: Willow & Stone]


Growing Through The Seasons Calendar 2021


This gorgeous calendar with linocut prints is perfect for aspiring gardeners. From growing charts to monthly gardening advice, this provides all the necessary information for sowing and harvest plants ensuring that that your plants flourish.


Price: £17.50

Buy from Willow & Stone.

[Image: Naked Clay Ceramics]


Naked Ceramics Black Miniature Vase

This beautiful black wildflower stoneware is perfect for a small flower arrangement. It’s glazed both inside and around the rim and is the rim making it watertight. A beautiful addition to any table for your friend who is just crazy about flowers.


Price: £70.00

Shop from


[Image: Little Brick House Ceramics]


Chalk Board Style Ceramic Plant Markers

These handmade ceramic markers are crucial for keeping track of different seedlings and potted plants. To ensure longevity and to safeguard them against frost, these plant markers were fired to stoneware temperatures.


Price: £15

Available to buy from Little Brick House Ceramics.

[Image: Jojo Maman Bebe]


Plant and Pick Veggie Patch

This mini allotment is perfect for a little budding gardener. Encourage their love for nature and healthy eating with this set. Which includes a selection of fruits and vegetables, a watering can and other fun accessories.


Price: £30.00

Buy from


[Image: Emilyslollies]


Edible Flower Petal Lollipops

Buy your friends something to satisfy that sweet craving with these delicious floral edible lollipops. Perfect for a winter wedding gift, or simply just for someone with a sweet tooth.


Price: £13.50


Buy from Emilyslollies on Etsy.



[Image: National Trust]


Glazed Terracotta Bird Bath



This beautifully glazed terracotta birdbath would make a great addition to any garden. Caring for birds has never looked so stylish. A truly thoughtful gift for any bird enthusiast and budding gardener.


Price: £18.00

Buy here from the National Trust.

[Image: Darryl Cheng]


The New Plant Parent: Develop Your Green by Darryl Cheng


Becoming a new plant parent can be difficult when. This book is a perfect gift for those new plant parents. This succinct book gives them the confidence they need to become an active and observant gardener.


Price: £12.59

Available to buy on Amazon.


[Image: Click and Grow]


Click and Grow Smart Garden 3 Indoor Gardening Kit


Whatever the weather, herbs and vegetables are sure to grow in this smart indoor growing kit. This kit uses LED lights to create ideal conditions and includes a self-watering device to make the growing process seamless. You can choose over 50 pre-seeded plant pods from Cilantro to Chili peppers and gift something perfect for all gardeners.


Price: £95.00

Purchase at Click and Grow on Amazon.




James Wong Botanical Infusion Seed Collection

This seed collection is perfect for those who love to look after their health and their plants. Inspire your loved ones to grow their own natural remedies. The collection includes Aspirin Plant (Meadowsweet), Cough Syrup Mix (Hollyhock), Mint Soother (Mint) and Soothing Balm (St John’s Wort) to enable the recipient to create their own medicinal garden.


Price: £11.96

Buy from

Willow Crossley’s Guide to Floristry

No gardeners gift guide would be complete without our very own floristry and flower arranging course by Willow Crossley! Even if you don’t have a garden there’s plenty to learn here, from making hand-tied bouquets and wedding flowers to simple centrepieces and Christmas wreaths.



Price: £127

Buy Willow Crossley’s Guide to Floristry.

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