Lovely, colourful and youthful. These are the words that come to mind when you look at the work of 2LG Studio. If you love bold interior design then you’ve definitely seen their Insta-famous home decor, full of malachite green and pink squiggles. Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead, founders of 2LG Studio (which stands for two lovely gays), are based in Forest Hill, South East London with their miniature dachshund Buckley. They are big on colour and have carved out an impressive portfolio of residential, commercial and collaborative projects, all with their unique approach and style.

They met working in London as actors – Russell in West End theatre and Jordan in television – when they discovered a mutual love of colour and joyful interior design. In their spare time alongside acting, Russell and Jordan designed a range of textiles and screen-printed home decor accessories which they sold at local markets. Finally, after renovating a home together the pair decided to move on from their ten years in acting and focus fully on their interior design business.

In 2014, Jordan entered in the very first series of BBC2’s The Great Interior Design Challenge which became a ‘defining moment’ for the pair as he finished as runner-up on the show.

2LG Studio are design disruptors. The pair challenge design norms and argue that you shouldn’t be constrained by arbitrary rules. To them, ‘rules are b*******.’ Their interior design is not about following trends, but about embracing authenticity and understanding your style.

From wallpaper collaborations with Graham & Brown to rugs designed for Floorstory, Jordan and Russell live and breathe interior design. They are passionate about making home decor and design inclusive, approachable and open, encouraging us all to live in the moment. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, a renter, or you’ve been living in the same home for 20 years the pair believe that you should get to the crux of what’s crucial in your daily life, recognizing the relationship between interiors and your emotional wellbeing. Jordan and Russell’s work motivates you to stop living for the day you sell. Instead to live adventurously, to add colour, texture and take risks.

The duo view designing a home as a journey. This is best shown in their Deezen 2019 long-listed home and personal project, Perry Rise. A Victorian detached house in south-east London that acts as both their home and workspace.


Discover more about 2LG Studio and learn how to be unapologetically bold in your design choices and embrace your own style in their online interior design course.