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James Wong knows plants. More than that, he lives and breathes botany, sharing his tiny London flat with over 500 houseplants and plant experiments.


Best know for his Guardian and New Scientist columns, this plant geek is on a mission to bring botanical knowledge to the masses, making it both accessible and comprehensive for us novices.

Growing up in the tropics of Singapore and Malaysia where medicinal properties of plants are still extensively celebrated, it’s no surprise that James became enthralled in how people practically use plants. After completing his MSc in Ethnobotany at the prestigious Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, his research has taken him across the world to Ecuador, South China, and Indonesia.

Garden design has also long been a passion for James. His first garden at the 2004 Hampton Court Flower Show saw him becoming the youngest award-winning garden designer at the event. He is still the youngest five-time RHS medal winner.


Did we also mention James is an internationally best-selling author and TV presenter? His most notable book, Homegrown Revolution, holds the record for being the fastest-selling gardening book in UK history.

James’ knowledge of the ways we can all harness the power of plants feels almost endless. From creating beautiful home decor with houseplants to utilising their properties for creating your own drugs. He recognises the fact that horticulture can often seem like a daunting place with unpronounceable Latin names and the constant fear of plants dying. Through many mediums, from his Instagram posts to his articles and podcasts, James is dispelling the myths of botany and is pushing us to rethink what we know about houseplants.


To learn more about houseplants, take a look at James Wongs Guide to Indoor Gardening and learn to create your own fantasy worlds and miniature indoor ecosystems.

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