Internationally renowned interior designer Rita Konig has launched her first-ever online home interior design course here at Create Academy. The course breaks down the techniques and materials she uses in, easy to follow bitesize videos so you can apply them to your own projects. As a sneak preview, here are some of Rita’s top tips when it comes to home interior design:


1. Establish What You Need from Your Home


When learning how to interior design your home Rita’s advice is to establish who you are, how you live and exactly what you need from your living space. “It’s important to find the confidence to do things your way,” says Rita. “Start with the layout of your home and come up with a plan. Once you have this, your interior design project will become much simpler and you’ll feel calmer.”


2. Spending a Fortune Isn’t Always the Answer


Spending large amounts of money to create a home that reflects your personality is not necessary. Rita’s Guide to Interior Design home course is designed to suit any budget. “People spend huge amounts of money, particularly on rooms like the kitchen and it’s not always necessary,” says Rita. “Trust your taste and find things that you like which are within budget – it’s about knowing the right places to look.”


3. Don’t Clear Out Too Much


While it’s important to declutter your every few months, Rita advises not to lose too much of the magic when it comes to hand-me-downs and items you’ve collected over the years: “These are things that you will have over someone else and that’s what makes your house unique, so don’t fight this – use these special items to your advantage.”


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