About the course

Renowned botanist James Wong makes caring for plants accessible – no matter the size of your indoor space. This course lets you in on the secrets of a green thumb, teaching you tips and tricks to not only keep plants happy but how to make them look their very best, creating easily achievable indoor habitats from Bornean rainforest canopies to Amazonian rivers. Learn to combine the skills of horticulture with floristry techniques to create flourishing mini indoor ecosystems.

Online video lessons

You’ll spend over 5 hours with James, broken down into bitesize 10-15 minute lessons, providing clear and insightful knowledge that can be easily put into practice on your own houseplants.

Exclusive content

Throughout the course, James unpacks years of knowledge as well as practical step-by-step guidance, from creating simple indoor gardens to making a traditional kokedama.

Downloadable guide

James’ top tips and additional learning resources are listed in a series of downloadable workbooks, so what you’ve learnt on the course stays with you.

About James Wong

Often referred to as the nation’s favourite botanist; plant scientist and gardening expert James Wong is a self-proclaimed botany geek, award-winning garden designer and a Royal Horticulture Society ambassador. He’s an internationally best-selling author with the inspirational ‘Grow Your Own Drugs’ and ‘Homegrown Revolution’, has presented multiple TV programmes, and is listed by The Sunday Times as one of the Top 20 most influential people in horticulture. James is perhaps the most passionate person in the world about plants; with over 500 houseplants in his tiny London flat.


Lesson Plan
Meet James

James welcomes you to the course and dispels the mystery around plants, explaining that keeping plants happy is less complicated than one would imagine.


Introducing you to the essentials of plant maintenance, James illustrates the importance of light and light levels in keeping your plants healthy.


James reveals the most common cause of failing plants and shows you how to better water your plants, helping them to flourish.

Indoor Gardens

James teaches you how to create your own indoor garden by mixing plants varieties, creating an atmosphere that transports you to places far and wide.

Planted Tables

Not just any coffee table, James shows how to create a table-atrium, making a stunning planted table by renovating a 1980s coffee tray.


James demonstrates how to make the perfect terrarium that lasts, constructing one with a twist and adding a little bit of light.

Growing on branches

James breaks down how you can grow plants on branches, creating living walls and towers in glass cases by mimicking the natural habitat of exotic plants.

Growing on rock

Teaching you all you need to know about lithophytes. James demonstrates how to grow plants on pumice stone and porous ceramics, creating plants that look like they belong in magical worlds.


Interweaving floristry and horticulture techniques, James creates the illusion of species that do not occur in nature. Discover how to build tiny aquatic gardens in the privacy of your own home; as James breaks down his low-tech method of aquascaping.


James reveals how to adapt traditional Japanese Kokedama, demonstrating a simple process for those who are not Japanese masters.  Create an extraordinary display that is both beautiful and easy to look after.

Wall-mounting plants

James explains how to mount plants on pieces of driftwood to make wall hangings, including an Indonesia technique called ‘Tamandama’ creating works of art.

Mini Living walls

James explains how to create living walls that are a departure from the standard tech-heavy installations that require specialised skills. James guides you through his low-tech living wall.

Fantasy Plants

Combining horticulture and florist techniques James guides you, showing how to create the illusion of species that don’t exist in nature creating beautiful fantasy plants.

Cacti and Succulents

James delves into everything you need to know about caring for cacti and succulents, troubleshooting all the common problems so you can have thriving plants.


James shares his secrets to growing orchids that not only last but excel in this in-depth lesson. From drooping leaves to bulb rot, James gives you the tools to keep your orchids fulfilled.

Carnivorous Plants

James teaches you how to cultivate happy and healthy carnivorous plants from venus flytraps to trumpet pitches.


James explains how to take the best care of these hardy low-maintenance trees, from crisp dead growth to yellowing core leaves. Take a trip with James and grow some flourishing ferns.

Myths & traps

James dispels common misconceptions and traps when it comes to caring for house plants. Providing you with easy steps to help your plants flourish.


Dealing with pests that eat away at your beautiful plants can prove frustrating. James helps you get rid of them with both biological and eco-friendly practices.


James shares his secrets on sourcing plants, both online and in-store, and what to look for when picking plants. From propagating to cuttings, James gives you a lowdown on everything pertaining to sourcing plants.

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Yes – our courses are available internationally. 

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If you are unsatisfied with the course for any reason, contact us within 30 days of purchase on the email below or via the contact form and we will give you a full refund.

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