As summer draws to a close and autumn and winter approaches, it becomes even more important to bring nature into our homes. Through colours, patterns and textures that nod to the environment, we explore how best to bring uplifting seasonal touches inside and ways that you can incorporate nature into your everyday life.



Patterns that bring the outdoors inside



Using a gentle combination of botanical prints and patterns is a great starting point when creating a more natural home, regardless of whether you live in the countryside or in the city. Don’t be afraid to use more than one pattern, whether bold or subtle, as a profusion of floral designs will add depth to any room. For a calm, soothing environment try opting for a subtle floral wallpaper design like Phillip Jeffries’ ‘Shangri-La Paradise’ on marshmallow manilla hemp. Alternatively, the use of natural and bright colours in Molly Mahon’s ‘Birds & Bees’ in pea green and ‘Marigold’ in pink creates a joyful, uplifted feeling.

[Image: Shangri-La Paradise by Phillip Jeffries]



Botanical prints and designs such as this whimsical set by Matilda Goad made from pressed herbarium pages, or this playful vintage linen by Lottie Mayland, make a great starting point when creating a nature-filled interior.

[Image: Framed Botanical Prints – Set of 6 by Matilda Goad]



Enhance your surroundings with patterned furnishings and decor. Some of our favourite soft furnishings include these cushions by Barneby Gates, Molly Mahon, OKA, India Jane, and Penny Morrison. We also adore this pheasant welcome mat by Sarah Raven, which will remind you of the countryside wherever you may be. Try reupholstering armchairs and sofas in pretty florals such as this luxurious ‘Botanical flora wellington velvet in jade’ by Liberty, or this subtle ‘Textile la plata’ by Svenskt Tenn, which gestures to nature without making it the focus of the room.

[Image: Killi Stripe Orange by Penny Morrison]



Tableware is often something that you build upon over time and you can never have too many sets. There is something meditative about laying the table, making it look beautiful, and choosing a set that complements your centrepiece and tablerunner. Cheerful tableware like Emma Bridgewater’s ‘Bright Poppies’ plate or the ‘Blossom fruit plate’ by Cabana Magazine is sure to heighten your mood. Even these lovely  ‘Oiseaux de paradis’ cereal bowls by Gien provide an uplifting way to start the day.

[Image: Blossom Fruit Plate by Cabana Magazine at Harrods]

Textures that bring the outdoors inside



Instead of industrial furnishings, opt for wood, rattan, or jute to create softer shapes with natural textures. This petal-shaped rattan headboard by Oliver Bonas really emphasizes nature’s curved edges, and their rattan bedside table uses lovely pops of pink and blue. If you want something more minimal this neutral jute rug by Anthropologie will bring some nature into the most modern of homes.


[Image: Bali Natural Rattan Headboard by Oliver Bonas]



Colours that bring the outdoors inside



Choosing natural earthy colour tones with small highlights of colour will create peaceful and calming surroundings. Undyed linens – like this fringed throw from de Le Cuona, and furnishings in shades of ecru, ochre and cream with accents of leafy green will hint at the colours of nature.


[Image: Fox Throw with Fringe and Leather detail- Dawn by De le Cuona]



Scents that bring the outdoors inside



Floral or woody reed diffusers such as ‘Pomegranate Noir’ and ‘Myrrh & Tonka’ will add a rich scent to any space, whereas the botanical smells of ‘Perfect Night’s Sleep Reed Diffuser’ by Neom Organics are perfect for unwinding after a long day.


[Image: Pomegranate Noir Diffuser by Jo Malone]



Sounds that bring the outdoors inside



Heighten your connection to all things nature-related using natural soundscapes. Lumie’s  ‘Bodyclock Luxe Wake-Up light’ plays a selection of natural noises (including the sweet melodies of bird song), and slowly increases in brightness in the morning to mimic a sunrise and decreases at night to mimic a sunset.

[Image: Bodyclock Luxe in Tumeric by Lumie]



Bring the outdoors inside with flora and fauna



One way to bring the outside indoors is to quite literally do so, by this we mean incorporating flowers, foliage, and houseplants. If you want long-life nature indoors then houseplants are a great solution. Depending upon the size of your home you could include large statement plants or a cluster of plants for a display, if you are new to plant care you might want to start small with easy-care plants like cacti then gradually build on your collection. One of our instructors, and renowned botanist, James Wong can provide you with the guidance you need in his course Indoor Gardening masterclass. Whether you want to grow ferns, tropical terrariums, or indoor walls James will be able to inspire and provide you with the knowledge you seek.


Alternatively, should you wish to add more colour instead of predominantly lush greens you could try your hand at seasonal flower arranging. Start small by adding a few seasonal blooms and foliage to your table as a centrepiece, or grow your confidence and knowledge first with Willow Crossley’s Guide to Floristry, which gives you unique insight into how she arranges, grows, and sources flowers and plants, both for herself and professionally.

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