The beauty of floristry is that it’s all about finding your own unique style. Here are some of Willow’s top tips to get the most out of your flower arrangements:


1. Buy Seasonal and Source Local


When we buy seasonal, the flowers are in there prime, so they’re going to last longer and they often require less conditioning. Willow encourages people to buy local and seasonal flowers as they will be the most healthy and beautiful. You can source a peony in December for example, but it will cost you an absolute fortune and the flowers will not look their best.

2. Reflex Flowers Like Roses and Tulips


Willow’s favourite trick with tulips is ‘reflexing’. You fold the petals back at the base of the petal where it’s slightly chunkier. They will flip back on themselves and it just turns the flower it something completely different.

3. Find the Perfect Container for Your Arrangement


“A lot of people don’t really think about the container for their flower arrangement and the vase is often a real after thought,” Willow says. Anything can be a vase – bowls, glasses you name it. It’s about finding a container that fits well proportionately and suits the style of your floral arrangement.

Leave a comment below and let us know your favourite tips, tricks and hacks when arranging flowers.


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