Creating your dream home, whatever stage in life comes down to your own personal tastes and how you want to use each room. Pinterest and social media outlets are great for inspiration but gaining the confidence to create your own perfect interiors is often a daunting prospect.


An online home décor course led by an industry professional is a good place to start and by opting to learn interior design online you can do so at your own leisure. Turn creating your dream home into a hobby rather than a chore and you’ll find ways to beautifully design each room quickly and within budget.

Rita Konig’s Ultimate Guide to Interior Design


Internationally renowned interior designer Rita Konig has launched her first ever online home décor course here at Create Academy. The course breaks down the techniques and materials she uses, so you can be inspired and apply them to your own home. Each easy to follow video lesson will be your visual guide and give you the expertise needed to create a space that makes you feel happy and comfortable year after year.


Discover more and order Rita Konig’s online interior design course below.